Saturday, October 04, 2008

After Surviving A Maui Wedding I Have To Watch This Crap; Stocks Selloff As Volume Picks Up As "Rescue" Package Passes The Senate

Congratulations to everyone who went short POT and MOS with me. We now have gains of 43% and 51% respectively. It is time to take some profits, obviously. However, our holding period was not even one month and those kind of gains compounded and annualized our the kind of returns that you can get at BWT. Just wait till the next bull market starts. If you think my money will be in a mattress and my head will be in the sand, you are greatly mistaken.

By the way I want to remind everyone of all the hate remarks I received in March when I told you the banks had not bottomed. I was attacked pretty hard on the comments. Those same people must feel pretty foolish now. That is if they have any integrity. But for those short any of the 22 stocks I have taken short since June you now have around 25%-50% gains in a market where many people are down 20% plus. For those of you still not a subscriber to my site, what in the heck our you waiting for! For me to rise prices? How can I constantly be this right and have these kind of returns and justify the prices I charge!!! I am short AAPL, RIMM, POT, MOS and in under one month the lowest one is up 37%. Not to mention I told my subscibers to sell their mutual funds in NOVEMBER 2007 AT THE TOP!!! I have preached cash for newbies since then and when we finally stopped flopping around I issued shorts in many stocks now down a ton.

Why keep losing money at the sites that you subscribe to. Step up before I raise prices. Because come next bull market when I pick the next 100%, 300%, 500%, 1000%, and some 2000% winners I dont want a TON of people following me into my trades. I only want the most dedicated believers into this system. So stop losing money and telling me in emails about your horror stories, if you are not a subscriber. There is NOT ONE Platinum or Gold member that was long this year besides the few months we did have a chance to exploit the market and I made HUGE gains in stocks like PDO and DGLY. Besides that, for free, in this commentary I have preached cash and in the past month finally started to exploit shorts as they rolled over. Now the money that I have on the line has made me VERY HAPPY and produced wonderful returns. Not only that, the worst account I have, was given to me on November 02, 2007 and is ONLY down 7% compared to the 30% drop in the market. So when we do lose money here, we NEVER lose a lot. This is why you must always cut losses. This market sucks and I have said plenty that everyone that reads this should have been in cash. Tonight I will just promote my services. ran a 24 hour special for $99 for a year. Why do you think that was? You get what you pay for in life. You want to make the big money when this market turns around then you will be a BWT subscriber. If you do not want to make a lot of money then you will waste your time reading "free" market commentary. Enjoy the mediocre results and to all of those who were mean to me when they "swore the banks bottomed in March," you get what you deserve.

I say NO to a bailout. Let these companies fall on their own and let the greedy lenders and people that took out these loans pay for THEIR mistakes. I am sick of making wise financial decisions and NEVER being rewarded. Yet I see people F up all around me and get bailed out. I am sick of it, as a tax payer.

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