Friday, December 12, 2008

A Failure At The 50 Day Moving Average Combined With Breakdowns And Reversals In Leading Issues Tells Us That We Need To Be Ready For The Reality Of N

Tonight I think I will save everyone some time and just give everyone two videos so you all know exactly where we stand in this market. I can't fit all I wanted to talk about into a 10 minute video (youtube limit) so I decided to do two parts for everyone.

The only thing I wanted to add that I forgot to talk about refers to the end of video two. Fleck is closing his short fund. Why now? Why not wait till you are FOR SURE the market has bottomed and then close it? Why close it now, when so many stocks are breaking down and so many others are failing right at the 50 DMA? I just don't understand. He missed the huge winners on the way up in 98, 99, and early 00 and he missed the entire four year bull market from 2003-2007 and now wants to close up his short fund when the market is still in a downtrend and looks to be starting a new leg down? How do these guys get so much money?????? It blows my freaking mind!!!! When will the regular Joe learn that you have to a little work to INVEST in the stock market.

If you can't do that give it to a great mutual fund manager or don't invest at all. Sad to say, 1999 wasn't real. This is what happens when you have a bubble constantly move from asset to asset to asset (stocks, real estate, commodities). Very painful bear markets follow.

Part One:

Part Two:

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