Friday, January 30, 2009

General Stock Market Indexes Fail, Once Again, At The 50 Day Moving Averages; Despite The Selloff I Still Have 3 New Longs And 1 New Short, Proving It

There were three new longs and one new short tonight that I really went into detail explaining to my subscribers in the new videos section. I believe they needed to know why these stocks are longs and shorts, how much money they should put in each one, and I also went over the reward/risk ratio aspect of the stocks, making sure they were on point to what I am looking for for a future BIG WINNER. The time I spent with subscribers today going over today's market was a lot of fun but unfortunately I do have a small headache (probably from being on the computer too much) and after all the work I put into the forums, longs, shorts, videos, chat room, and charts I am pretty burned out and am going to skip doing commentary tonight. I don't think I have skipped making one of these in a LONG TIME so I think I deserve a night off. Especially considering the general market is flat-lining the past three months. The free general market video should have enough information in it to have you well prepared for Friday's session.


Top shorts with total returns that made me money today: CETV 86% CEDC 77% SDA 77% AAPL 42% POT 51% CPRT 27% RDK 15% LLL 16% SBAC 36% ARB 67% OKE 31% CYT 58% AMX 47% RIMM 44% GGB 57% AMSG 15% CEO 31% PLCE 29% IPHS 26% MOS 58% APD 42% CASY 21% TITN 52% SPG 47%

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