Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Stocks Escape Distribution, but Leaders Weaken a Bit

The market gets a late day save as the NASDAQ escapes back to back distribution days as the Federal Reserve rate announcement induces volatility. In the early going the market did stumble, but buyers stepped up and supported stocks prior to the Federal Reserve rate announcement. Stocks spent the majority of time heading sideways prior to the rate announcement. Then came the volatility, the Federal Reserved announced its decisions and stocks went into a volatile mode. By 3:30pm EST it appeared stocks were headed for a deep dive. However, buyers stepped up and saved the market, especially the NASDAQ from back to back days of distribution. Despite the market avoiding distribution today was another day of stalling and a bit of underlying weakness casting doubt on the current uptrend.

Precious metals started the day off well, but ended in negative territory. A big key was the reversal in the EURUSD reversal and pop in the US Dollar. Perhaps this was a one day wonder, but it does appear there is underlying weakness in some leaders casting shadows over the overall market uptrend. By no means does this indicate the “end” to the uptrend, but we need to be prepared for what the market has in store for us. Be prepared and stay focused.

Breadth has been waning and it can be seen in the McClellan oscillator a measure of breadth. While this indicator is a piece to the puzzle it doesn’t fill out the entire picture. The underlying weakness in some leaders is concerning and should be taken notice. However, we aren’t jumping the gun. A few of our leaders may be forming right sides of their bases rather than breaking down. However, any further selling here will certainly cast a very dark shadow on the market. Be prepared.

Cut your losses short.

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