Monday, January 23, 2012

Volume falls ahead of the Federal Reserve’s two day meeting

The day began with a solid move off the lows and it was looking like the market was going to surrender to the bulls. After the 10 o’clock hour sellers hit the market sending stocks lower, but in a bullish fashion stocks were able to find support. Today’s move would have been better if the morning move did not occur. Perhaps it is a small blemish; we’ll take the pull back as the market consolidates its most recent run up. Our uptrend remains intact and it is without any major distribution or stalling a big positive for this uptrend to continue.

There is some talk about the market being overbought and sure, it is. Given the move since the New Year began it is quite obvious we have a market a bit ahead of itself. The number of stocks above their 50 day moving average is above 81%. 77% of stocks are above their respective 20 day moving average. These figures aren’t at all-time highs, but they are at levels where pullbacks do and can happen. So far, this two day pull back in the overall market is quite normal and is looking very healthy.

Tomorrow kick starts the Federal Reserve’s two day meeting. Many are asking if QE3 is coming and it is a guessing game at this point. The stock market is higher and the jobs market appears to be firming up with the unemployment (as reported by the government) coming down. To make a case for another round of quantitative easing would be a hard sell. I would imagine the Fed needing to step in when demand for US Treasuries dries up. I could only imagine what would happen if there isn’t enough demand to soak up the issuance of debt. It is fun to debate what may or may not happen, but a terrible way to trade and invest.

Stay discipline here and DO NOT chase stocks at all. Cut your losses!

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