Monday, December 17, 2012

Strong Price Action Led by Banks Backed by Volume

Today we saw strong action from banks and homebuilders as the Russell 2000 led all major market indices higher. Today was quite a pivotal day with price action and volume coming together. This market still remains without a true follow-through day, but the move today was strong enough with volume to show there are legs to this rally. We may not know the extent of the money printing consequences yet (along with ZIRP), but the action we are seeing compels to act to get long the market. The market may be anticipating a debt-deal, better than expected holiday sales, or even better than expected housing data. Who knows? The fact remains we are seeing strong price action suggesting the market will continue its advance higher. Still no follow-through, but the market is doing enough to have us act on the long side of the market. The market is clamoring for a fiscal cliff deal to avoid seeing spending cuts that would immediately impact the bottom line. Sales of companies who receive orders from the Federal Government would take a hit and any deal to avoid such cuts the market perceives to be a good thing. At some point the deficit will matter and the debt will matter. At this given point in time the market does not appear to care very much about running massive deficits. The Federal Reserve has all but signaled its willingness to fund the deficits if need be. Do not let your opinions fool you from making portfolio moves. This market is poised to continue a move higher given its recent action. Missing it because of an opinion you have is not an excuse when the S&P 500 is a reaching 1500. Will it? It has the potential to, but then again do you want to regard missing a signal because of an opinion. A key component that many market pundits will leave out is when you are going to exit a position. Just because they say go long this or that they tend to leave out when to exit. We could very well move much higher, but when do you exit? Do you ride your shares through a correction? If you cannot answer your exit point it should be top priority to know when you exit. Do not waste your time and efforts looking for a fiscal cliff deal. The market is anticipating a deal and we aren’t about to wait for it to happen. If the market does roll over we have our exit strategy to protect our downside. Banks, homebuilders, and small cap stocks are leading and we are going to follow them.

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