Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Stocks close in the Red; Volume ends Mixed

Continuing with the summer trade the market closed lower lead by the Russell 2000. The NASDAQ posted back to back losses while the S&P 500 losing streak extended to 3 days. We did see a nice rally off the lows, but as soon as the rally began volume was sucked out of the market suggesting sellers left the building. NASDAQ volume did end the day higher notching another distribution day for the index. However, given the move off the lows it wasn’t a terrible distribution day. Many are blaming “The Taper” for stocks selling off. Perhaps the reason is the taper, but we aren’t picking up what the pundits are putting down. Our uptrend remains and we continue to monitor our positions and their respective price action. Solar stocks took a hit after earnings out of FSLR weren’t warmly greeted by the market. Homebuilders once again were to the downside with the entire group showing very negative price action. Given the market is in an uptrend shorting stocks is a fools game. The reason to highlight homebuilders is very simple. They were leading the market higher and now have rolled over. Financials are the only group showing strong earnings growth at the moment and if this group rolls over we’ll take notice. Earnings continue to pour in and we continue to monitor for earnings gaps. Quite a few stocks are running ahead of earnings making it quite difficult to buy with them being extended. We need sound patterns to make use of earnings. We aren’t about to gamble our capital going outside our process. Stick with the plan and execute. No need to be a hero in this market. Tomorrow we’ll get another week’s worth of job data from Initial Jobless Claims. Hard to believe this number used to be meaningless. It’s not hard to believe given the financial media’s need to fill the airwaves. You do not get an advantage by gaming initial jobless claims. It would be wise to avoid that type of trading. In after-hours trading TSLA turned heads again with its stock nearly up 10%. GRPN is another stock moving higher. SCTY and GMCR aren’t so lucky. Ride your winners hard and dump your losers.

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