Saturday, January 12, 2008

Oversold Bounce Has No Bounce As Stocks Selloff All Day Long On Lower Volume

The stock market ended the week the exact same way it started and that is with a lot of selling. On Monday the market found support intraday to stop it but on Friday there was none of that support as the market took the bounce that started on Wednesday and slammed it to the ground.

Now, I know a lot of people that are chart watcher want to be real bearish here, especially since the retail public has been brainwashed to buy these dips, but the fact is that we are still above the Wednesday’s lows and that the market’s bounce is in fact still intact. And the other item I see is that volume was lower on today’s move lower than on the previous two days of gains.

But there is one obvious problem I already see with this bounce. There are still no fresh stocks breaking out of beautiful properly formed bases on strong volume. Therefore, there is no way that we can expect anything more than an oversold bounce right now.

I have discussed this market so much the past week here in this little blog that I am finding almost impossible to say anything new about it. But I do see something that appears to me to be very bearish. In fact the bearish indicator is an indicator I hardly use but I put it on my chart for moments like this.

The moneystream line is an indicator that I almost know nothing about. What I do know is that when it makes very bullish or negative divergences it has a high correlation of hinting at a possible big move by the security or index. Well there are two indexes that I see with some amazingly huge divergences on the daily time frames.

The SP 600 and Nasdaq are both showing severe negative divergences in moneystream to price. The worst one is the SP 600. The price has just recently eclipsed the lows of November and December but the moneystream is well below its lows at that point. But even more noticeable is the moneystream at the November and December lows compared to the August lows. The moneystream was making new lows in November way before price was and by the time price went below the previous low the moneystream was waaayyyy below the August lows. This hinted at possible more declining prices then and it was right as the November and December lows have now been taken out. And the fact the moneystream is still hitting new lows confirms that the trend should continue after this bounce is over.

Not only is the moneystream leading price to new lows, the RS line is doing the same thing. The RS line hit new 52-week lows on 11/1 which was twelve days BEFORE!! the price hit new lows. On the December bounce where price went back to touch the 50 DMA, the RS line fell almost every single day. By the time prices turned lower again, the RS line was hitting new lows. It is also hitting new lows right now well ahead of its previous lows while price is just now breaking to new lows, confirming the weakness in this index. This bounce should fail.

The Nassy just recently hit a new closing low below the November and December lows on 1/4 and with that the moneystream followed but you will notice it is hitting a new low already. That is because back in November there were four consecutive nasty down days that took the index for an 8% decline. Even though the price was well above the August lows, the moneystream was already at the lows in August. After the weak bounce that started in November that just recently ended, the Nasdaq has resumed its selloff on higher volume. The moneystream with its huge negative divergence helped traders stay out of this nasty market. The little bounce we have had the past couple of days has been pretty weak and the moneystream is confirming this with it still riding the lows.

Sticking with the themes of new lows there were still an outstanding number of stocks making new 52-week lows compared to 52-week highs. There were 63 new highs to 453 new lows showing that this market is still extremely weak as every day this week had this kind of massive weakness.

On the other hand when it comes to looking for strength we continue to only see it in the safe/defensive sectors of oil, tobacco, metal-ore, chemical, household-consumer electronics, medical, retail-wholesale, consumer products, and foreign-banks. For some of you that are not familiar with these stocks you need to know that when all of these stocks are leading the markets are not bullish. They are normally in downtrends, just like this one is, and they normally stay in them for a long time. Since this leadership has just shown up, I think it is safe to say that this downtrend could last a long time. I wouldn’t go looking for a bottom any time soon if I were you.

Another clear sign that leadership is all wrong came when I decided to look at the industry groups making new highs or at the top of the list. When I did that I was surprised to see something that my scans are confirming (my scans ONLY look for strong stocks making strong gains). Medical stocks make up four of the top 10 industry groups in the IBD 197 industry group list. This is a CLEAR sign to me that we are in a bearish market environment where experienced investors should definitely be shorting the rallies and not buying the dips. Don’t try to outsmart the market. Better traders than you have tried to do this and have failed miserably!

There is even more evidence showing up that this market is weakening. Before when we were selling off all of the indexes would pretty much sell off at the same time, with exception to the two leading small cap indexes. Why leading? Because they were the two indexes that led us higher the whole way into the 2007 top. Only near the end did the big caps start to take a lead. Just like how they do near the end of every bull market. Now a few more indexes full of leading stocks are joining the small cap stocks in leading to the downside. Now we have both leading sectors leading us down. Not good.

The IBD 100 fell 2.3% and the IBD New America index fell 2.1% with the New America index Acc/Dis rating falling to D-. That goes along with the IBD 100 and IBD 85-85 indexes D Acc/Dis ratings. Those Acc/Dis ratings along with that kind of selling on a day the Nasdaq only fell .48% should be just one more red flag that keeps you out of this market on the long side. I just pray all of my subscribers have been listening to me and heeding my advice.

By the way to show you a bigger picture of the deterioration in the leading indexes you can take a look at this week. The IBD 100 fell 4.4% compared to the Nasdaq’s 2.6% drop, the DJIA’s 1.5% drop, the NYSE’s .9% loss, and the SP 500’s .8% small fall. The IBD indexes are not as bad as the Russell 2000 or the SP 600 the past six months or so but with a little bit more aggressive selling it could get ugly for those indexes. And that could happen sooner than later with a little bit of complacency coming back into this market.

The put/call fell to .89 which is not really complacent but it definitely is not fearful right now. Combine that with the important sentiment indicator from the investors intelligence survey showing bulls still around 50% at 48.4% and bears still around 25% at 25.8%. There is still no fear there and without that fear there can be no bottom. Speaking of fear. Where is it? The VIX at one point, intraday on Friday, was down while the market was down. But by the end of the day it closed up almost 1% to 23.68. The point is is that there is absolutely no way any meaningful low can be made until this thing hits 35 (like in August that gave us a lot of nice big winners in a short time) or any real long-term low can be made until we hit 50 like we did in October of 2002. So either 35 for a short term rally and if when that happens there are no HOT charts the next real great low comes with 50 and if still no HOT charts…look out below.

And confirming my look out below comments is the fact that when we look at the leaders like JDSU, EBAY, YHOO, QCOM, MSFT, CSCO, and ORCL back in 200 and compare them to the way they looked at the top to the way SPWR DECK MA MCD FSLR CMG ISRG STP PCLN WFR GOOG RIMM GRMN BIDU look now, you can see that they all look extremely similar. This weakness is just now starting to show up in most of these leaders and you have to remember GRMN was one of the very first leaders in 2002 that continued to rally all the way into 2007. Notice it was the first one to top and how violently it has sold off. When and if the other leaders look like GRMN and how the old leaders of 2000 did, this market will probably come in much lower than we are from now. Another thing to remember is that the leaders are just now starting to break down. This comes after the subprime, brokerage, and bank stocks have already came down. Just like how the internet stocks that were built on no earnings fell before the real leaders.

Oh how wonderful it is that history repeats itself and allows those that learn from the past the chance to profit in the future. Aloha and I will see you in the chat room, after a wonderful weekend of playoff football. GO GIANTS!!!!!! Giants vs Green Bay would be great. Indianapolis or San Diego (prefer SD) vs New England would be wonderful with a GB vs NE Super Bowl. That would be great. But Seeing the NY Giants in the Super Bowl sure would be great! Aloha!! Be careful out there new investors/traders!!

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