Monday, May 19, 2008

Bullish Week Ends With Leading Stocks And The SOX Taking The Lead (Part Two)

Randomly continuing where we left off yesterday, besides the put/call showing a little of fear coming back into it even with some indexes higher. One index continues to print what should be considered bearish numbers. That is the VIX. The VIX closed at 16.47 Friday and intraday on Wednesday hit 16.10. That was the lowest reading since October right before the November top.

I know I am very bullish on this market, even without volume, due to all the setups and charts that are already breaking out out there. But don't question if I would turn, if we got like three major distribution days in-a-row. If that was the case and there was no bounce here, then you have plenty of reasons to get bearish and top calling. But as long as we have stocks like EXM DRYS, and even CNQR showing up, I think I will hold off on top calling. For all I know it will take the put/call to hit .40 and the VIX to hit sub-10 before stocks finally top off this current run.

People that have already sold all of their holdings that they started buying in March, just like the people that told me to bottom fish in March, are just not at the level they need to be at. Nobody, should be out of any DGLY, GFA, or any of the other recent longs like PWRD ISYS and OTEX which have not acting perfectly since going long (that is unless you are a newbie then you should lock in anywhere from 10% to 20% on DGLY, VISN, or anything else up 50% since we went long the past few months). However, they are not acting like GENC and it is a great thing. FEED, even before the recent selling, gave us plenty of time to take some off the table; I took 50% off before the move down. Did you?

Why did I do that? Because look at the chemical stocks. They all look like they are near a major top and the fact that they have not topped yet is SHOCKING to me as the chart patterns have set themselves up more than once in becoming perfect tops and thus good shorts later on. But when I look at MOS, POT, CF, and TNH, I know that not only have I take a 300% and 500% gain in TNH and MOS respectively but that I am in the right place by being on the sidelines as the current chart patterns are LOADED with flaws and the EASY money has CLEARLY already been made in these chemical stocks. If you are focused on them now, I ask you, where in the heck were you in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, or 2007?? You are a little late buying up here for a big position play. I am looking for a top.

And hopefully when that group tops, the market will shrug it off and actually take off, as a rotation from commodities to technology could almost be done and waiting for that group to top before blasting off. We will see. At the same time this rotation is occurring it is obvious that money is not coming out of the energy/oil&gas sectors of the stock market. Those two groups continue to show extremely bullish action and there is no reason to think they are done when solar stocks are only now starting to blast-off. I also do not see any oil&gas stocks making clear climax tops. That means that the run is not over and the way they are dominating the top of the IBD industry groups, only a fool would bet against these stocks here. But I take it a lot of people are or else there would not be a near-fourteen day NYSE short interest. Amazing.

If you look at the top 20 industry groups based on six-month price performance, eight of them are energy related, three are transportation related, and three are metals related. What is even more bullish for these stocks is that the transportation-shipping group has gone from #133 to #15 the past three weeks. Stocks like TBSI DSX EXM and DRYS are all setting up in BEAUTIFUL bases. I want them all, when they breakout or bounce off key support, now that the charts are right.

If I was undisciplined I would just buy them now. However, I know my game and my game makes me a lot of money. I know either buying too early or doing the worst investing mistake and chasing a breakout too far past the appropriate pivot point is not the right thing to do. So I simply do not do it. It is that simple. Don't break rules that have been PROVEN to work. How so many people can have the CANSLIM system handed to them and they simply do not take the time to learn how it works properly is STUNNING to me. It is stunning those few seconds of the month when I waste my time and watch CNBC and see so many that subscribe to IBD NEVER talk about anything the paper preaches. Especially Cramer.

How can you know that history has been mapped and chartered to show us how the best stocks work and yet you tell us to double down on NXY, IMA, or SHLD back in the day POST-top? Horrible. Patience pays off. If you daytraders would look at how much easier your life would be by making one buy and a few partial sells before a big final sell and without paying constant commissions would really improve your returns and open up your day to more free-time. There are always a few who do better being more active but I doubt those people were long my LMLP, TASR, IST, FMDAY, AFSI, or HRZ for some nice easy-to-handle big gains.

I don't like being active as I know the big money is made in the holding. If you like being active, GREAT! However, if you are active and are not happy with your results, I must recommend that you read and study my Past Big Winners. If those, and the list and list of stocks in all of the O'Neil, Weinstein, Boik, Loeb, and Livermore books, don't convince you, I have no idea how you are going to last in this game. Especially as returns vanish with a low VIX and a market FULL OF THOSE HORRIBLE ETFs which now receive money that used to go into REAL stocks. The money in ETFs could be added fuel to the fire of DGLY. But instead a QQQQ or SPY will do. Oy.

Getting back to the market's performance the past week, I have to say while I am looking for a short-term top that could lead to a shallow pullback, I am not going to convince myself that it is a given that it will happen. If this market wants to continue to run that is fine with me. The stocks I am long are going to have to show me blowoff topping signals, reversal signals, or straight up fail before I will sell a market that has this many high-quality stocks moving higher. Even with volume below average on the NYSE and only a few days of above average volume on the market. At least those days are either up or have bullish reversals.

What clearly makes me bullish here (but remember I am ALWAYS ready to sell, if I have to) is that leading stocks and the exciting tech stocks are taking a clear lead. Last week, the SOX led everything with an incredibly impressive 5.8% gain and the IBD 100 was right behind the SOX with a 4.2% gain for the week. Both indexes did much better than even the strongest mainstream index. The SP 400 gained 3.5%, the Nassy/SP 600 3.4%, and the worst of them all was the DJIA with a 1.9% gain.

This to me clearly tells me that this is a market I want to be interested in. I am interested in all markets but when I see technology stocks AND leading stocks taking the reigns as we move higher, I have to support that. Low volume or not. Do I want to see volume return soon to the upside? You better believe it. Will I be OK with a low volume rally? FOR SURE!

Right now there are too many stocks extended or they have come off the lows too fast and need to base out. Stocks like FSYS, FSIN, HMA, and MVL would all make GREAT longs in my portfolio. But there is no way I will buy these until they calm down, setup, and breakout again. Just like my CLR long. Everyone seems to want to buy it now. I am NOT touching it again until it touches that 50 DMA. Better safe, than risky and sorry.

Other stocks I would like to get long at some point with a good entry would be SNHY, BUCY, WBD, HRS, ESV, EXM, DRYS, DSX, DO, UPL, and about another 100 oil&gas stocks. Chasing just isn't my game. Patience is.

I don't have much else to say other than without options expiration volume probably would have been lower on the Nasdaq. So I guess volume was kind of lame on even Friday's move. Not that it is important or anything. I just thought I would throw that in there to illustrate that a low volume rally is what this is.

That means that sentiment dominates. Since the big boys are not putting a ton of new money to work and the volume is real low, you would think the market would be going nowhere. But the old maxim is to "never short a dull market." Yet with all this low volume that is what knuckleheads are doing. The negative news that I have discussed earlier, the negative polls with another one being released Tuesday, and the SP 500 having the worst earnings, dropping 25.9%, slump since 2001, going three q's in-a-row down are all the perfect backdrop to continue to have that NYSE short interest ratio rise and to see the put/call climb higher. Right now, the media is a growth investor's best friend. Their lies and BLATANT exaggerations make this possible.

Every message board or blog comments section I read has at least a handful of doom-and-gloomers and if you guys did not have the pleasure to listen to the comments coming from the yahoo message boards posters the day BSC collapsed then you have no clue how negative it is out there. People are simply disconnected from reality and the poor continue to get more poor due to policies they THINK is helping them but is in fact making it worse. Ignorance and being uneducated is a horrible mixture. Along with being easily manipulated. Combine those three traits and you have the politicians favorite targets.

I am going to do a post later on tonight that will focus on the strong stocks in strong sectors. I recommend, while this market is moving up, that you focus on these areas of the market in the upcoming weeks. It will be beneficial to your bank account.

Aloha from a beautiful and gorgeous Maui "where every little thing is going to be alright." I hope you all got to watch the Penguins win and watch the Celtics win. If you did not, you seriously need to get a Tivo. And if you do not like are a nerd and are probably the donkey that decides to come to Maui and "learn to surf" then you paddle out to our breaks and get in our ways and almost kill someone. What a great year for playoffs in the NHL and NBA, we have the Yankees and Mets tonight, and this year's ASP has been incredible so far. Get off your butts and get to the gym!!!!!!! :) ALOOOOOOOOHAAAAA!!!!!!

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