Thursday, August 14, 2008

XSI Home Run

August 14, 2008

Finally a stock that has done exactly what it is supposed to do. That makes two in a week: CRD.b and XSI.

Congrats to all that loaded up. I was going to LOAD UP on XSI and instead kept it a regular position. The gains are still very nice and sweet and even though I blame myself for not LOADING UP like I said I was in the chat room I am still happy with the gains. Congratulations to all subscribers that bought these very pretty charts. They were not perfect but they sure acted like they were. This is how all of our longs will act at the start of a new bull market. In 1999 and 2003 they all acted like CRD.b and XSI. This is how it used to always be. Right now, we got lucky, and the market was so crazy I couldn’t even LOAD UP. Still some big gains 25% and 30% by each stock in one day. That is how it will be when the trend turns up again in the indexes. I can’t wait till this becomes the norm. For now though I have to kick myself for not following my own advice and loading up on XSI. My excuse is that it was too thin and the market is acting like a psychotic prisoner. Congratulations to everyone who got these beauties!!!

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