Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Major Market Indexes End Mixed As Volume Declines As We Head For The Thanksgiving Holiday

Today was a mixed session for the indexes but I have to admit that underneath it all there were actually some short-term bullish developments. Now, before you get too excited, remember, we are in a very hardcore downtrend and our shorts from May-now have paid off extremely well. The bottom pickers have been destroyed and the "value" trap bag-holders tell you that in the future it will be higher. Yeah, right, Scott Rothbart. You are about as helpful as nothing to mom and pops. Thanks for helping make them go broke with your investment strategy. Try not attacking RevShark next time for his wise advice.

Oops, went off on another rant. LOL. Anyways, the bottom line is that the "value" trap guys have been wrong all year long and as you can see via mutual funds and 99.99% of them being lower for the year this advice has decimated peoples accounts. The great news, for those that are a bit more active in their money management, have done very well by following the advice of this site and a few other gems or by reading the technical picture of the market correctly on your charts.

Charts do work and any fundamental nut that is down over 40% plus this year that tells you they do not need to review my longs and soon my shorts on my site. By following the trend of the market and by learning how the biggest gainers and losers of the past acted, you too can become very wealthy at this game. And that for sure is one thing to be thankful for.

I don't want to spend much time here as I know everyone is strapped for time. If you want to know more about the general market picture and fill your brain with more TRUTHS and FACTS from the charts instead of fear and mongering (lol) by the media and news print, please watch the video. For those of you that are subscribers to the Gold or Platinum areas please make sure you watch video two tonight.

I am not sure if you watch every night as I know quite a few of you are extremely busy but tonight is a wise night to review the video because I will be going over the stocks that look good now (which are a lot more than we have seen the entire downtrend; a slight positive), the shorts, and then our new short and why it is almost perfect. It is the perfect test short for those investors to the site that are new and do not have much experience with shorts.

Also if you are new, you don't have to fear shorting. I had a subscriber mention to me they didn't understand margin or shorting. So while I was a bit surprised someone didn't know or understand this, which is very much okay, by the way (we were all new at once--this paid site is just a bit more advanced that is all and it was never seen before). If that is the case, then I do not want you to play around with any short even if it is a near-perfect setup. But as long as you understand what "a short" is and do know how margin works (helps to understand it the better so you never get "called in") the new short is a good test short.

Just remember, everyone, the market is very crazy right now, moving up and down on very mixed volume. Without a clear trend, institutional investors are not likely to get really active. But they can never sit still so eventually I will find some of the stocks they are still buying. The new long today might be one of those kind of stocks. CANSLIM investors feel free to do your research. There are a few gems out there. Just don't tell the idiots that have lost a LOT OF PEOPLE a LOT OF MONEY.

Remember everyone, wall street DISGUST ME! The lies and greed is disgusting and I have had enough of it!! I left NYC in 2000 when the Nasdaq topped and knew I got out while the getting was good. Even though I am relatively new to the whole investing scene, you can be sure that I will be here forever helping to make you a LOT of money with me, save your family from financial ruin during bear markets, and helping to make you an overall smarter investor so as you get older you will keep your money and not be hit with a big shock. Don't think I advise 90 year old widowers to buy 100% growth stocks.

Also, one other disclaimer, OBVIOUSLY not all of wall street is a crook. But come on. How many guys on TV told you to buy stocks that are now down 50% plus. Buy and hold. Nope. Buy and die. There is only one way to invest in the stock market. You must be an active investor and at LEAST look at it for 5 minutes a day. And that would be ONLY if you looked and bought my longs, shorts, and sold my sells/covers. You wouldn't learn anything but in time you would make money. But when I die, how will that have helped you.

I plan on doing this forever but tomorrow is never guaranteed. I am here to help with as much as fast as I can. I will be very thankful if just one of you in return helps others who are helpless and bound by wall streets fear, if I do die and can't do this.

However, I plan on living to be 100, if I can, so hopefully this is all just semantics. ;) If you are going to be on the road and will not see this till Monday, I hope you have a safe trip, God bless you, and I hope you stuff yourself silly with great memories and great food. Please, please, please, do not drink and drive. If you do that I promise to have past big winners of short examples when you return. :)

If you will be here the whole week, I'll see you in the forums or in the chat room. It is very nice to have only one full day left this week. All of us that have worked EVERY DAY during this downtrend (even when I had my MS flare-ups) deserve a full break. Even though I will be here on Friday, I will only be updating the longs, shorts, and partial forum sections. I plan on spending a lot of time this week away from the market. But after I get back from Church on Sunday, I plan on working my little butt off posting past shorts while watching football. There will be no commentary this weekend. Tomorrow will be the last written report for the week but there will be a part one video on Friday.

I'll see you tomorrow. If you are going to be traveling, be safe! Happy Thanksgiving.

Part one and part two are available on the Gold forums for Gold and Platinum members. Free small video is posted below:

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