Thursday, May 14, 2009

Volume Slides as Stocks Move Higher After Suffering from Wednesday's Price Decline

The market was able to avoid further price deteriotion with a low volume move higher. Volume on the NYSE fell nearly 15% while the NASDAQ volume fell 8%. Although the rebound lacked volume it was nice to see the market not follow through to the downside. Ideally, today we would have seen institutions step up and support this market. Instead, it appears for the moment they simply stood aside while stocks moved higher. All in all not an excellent day, we just need more work if this uptrend is going to last.

The NASDAQ led the market in gains finishing up 1.5% while the IBD 100 index was right behind it. A glimmer of hope as we will need the IBD indexes take over as the leaders of this market. It will have to come relatively soon as we do have quite a bit of distribution days we are dealing with on the indexes. The Dow Jones has 5 distribution days while the NASDAQ and S&P500 have 4. When we see a major index hit 5 or 6 distribution days it ends the confirmed uptrend. It is vital we starting see the market do the following: show accumulation and all pullbacks in lighter volume with nominal price declines. The market will show us the clues it is up to us to take them and act appropriately.

The good news is we are still seeing New Highs beat New Lows but the number of New Highs slowed up today on the rebound. Again, there was underlying weakness to the move today as we are not seeing BULLISH signals. New Highs vs. New Lows is not the end all be all, but it is somewhat telling the type of market we are in. I would love to see NH vs NL stay above 1.0 even with a pullback on lighter volume to signal that there is strength within this market.

What we need now is the market to start showing accumulation with IBD stocks leading the way. In order for this market to continue to march higher we'll need CANSLIM stocks leading the way otherwise this uptrend will certainly fizzle into oblivion. We do have stocks that could be potential big winners but this market will need to cooperate in order for these potential big winners come to life.

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