Friday, June 12, 2009

Sellers Jump in Late to Knock Down Stocks from Their Highs but Hold Gains

By Market Speculator

Late day selling brought the indexes back to their lows of the day settling just above them. Retail sales figures spooked traders sending the retail sector lower. On the other side, crude oil rose to $73 as the commodity continued its trek higher. Mounting pressures from rising yields as well as higher energy costs weighed heavily on the market overall. Leading stocks did not participate in the move higher marking a second straight day of underperformance. Volume came in just above Wednesday's levels but was lower than its 50dma suggesting the past few sessions institutions have largely stayed on the sidelines. Taking a fifty thousand foot view of the market; we are still in an uptrend with not many distribution days and we should continue to see the uptrend hold.

The leading stocks took a step back on Thursday, taking a rest from recent gains. Although it would be ideal for the leading stocks to move higher every day it is simply impossible to do. At the moment, many of them sit above or on their 10dma an area of support. If the leading stocks can hold these moving averages it'll be a sign of strength and something we will continue to pay close attention to.

Every night I review leaders and all the market indexes. This gives me a great view of the market and putting the pieces together which are necessary to determine how the market is doing. Interestingly enough I have been paying close attention to the IBD indexes. The IBD 100 has been heading sideways for quite some time and has lagged the overall market. However, taking a step back you'll notice the awfully nice tight price action happening in the IBD 100. It appears as if the index itself is preparing for a move higher, above its 200dma no less. This is an area where I will be paying close attention to in the coming days to see whether or not these leading stock indexes can muster up the strength to penetrate the 200dma.

Having a sound game plan is always the best course of action and cutting your losses should be top priority in your game plan. It is an important tool to save your account from utter disaster and keeps you in the game.

Enjoy your weekend.

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