Saturday, August 22, 2009

Factory Index Gives a Boost to Stocks

Just no quit in this market, stocks rose for the third straight day as positive news from the Philadelphia Fed Factor Index rose unexpectedly. In other economic news jobless claims rose as well giving some concern a recovery jobs has yet to materlize. The 3+ million jobs President Obama promised with the stimulus has netted a loss of over 2 million jobs. Historically speaking jobs is a lagging indicator and we continue to see jobs being lost. Volume was mixed in the morning with a buying surge on the NASDAQ while the NYSE was quiet. As the day wore on the tide shifted towards the NYSE as volume picked up while the NASDAQ volume drifted lower. Although volume was lower on the NASDAQ it was still a bit higher than Monday and Tuesday's volume showing buyers continued to step in. A very nice day for stocks as leaders kept pace as well as new leadership groups emerging.

We are heading into options expiry Friday while existing home sale data will be released. More often than not, odds are, volume will more than likely be skewed to the upside. Friday happens to be Day 5 of this rally attempt from Monday's global sell off and options expiry might skew the volume enough to where we could find ourselves following through confirming the rally attempt. The ideal situation would for the market to simply inch back to Monday's lows (a few weeks to do so) and begin another rally attempt. This would allow our leaders to set up in proper bases and not shoot up from 1-3 week bases. At any rate, we can dream of ideal conditions, but focusing on what is and going with the trend is the proper course of action. If we follow through tomorrow so be it and we'll take it from there.

Hard to imagine what a week does to stocks, but looking at a weekly chart we are back where we started last Friday. After Monday's hiccup stocks have been pushed higher; the NASDAQ flashing signs of accumulation. This market is ready to dish out blows that can come from any where and we better be ready for it.

Looking at secondary indicators in the market we can see New Highs aren't quite up to other bull market standards. This doesn't have me worried too much because there has only been 3 other occasions in the history of the stock market where stocks fell more than 60% across the board. Putting this rally into context with other great bear markets it is quite conceivable we'd see a lagging New Highs compared to more recent bull markets. Even the put/call ratio really isn't show extremes on either side which leads me to believe the market is finding equilibrium between sentiment. There is one story out there and that is the VIX's failure to keep above its 50dma. This may be an overlooked area but in 2003 the VIX had a terrible time with its 50dma as well. It continued its slide into the teens from well above 30. These areas are secondary to price and volume action and should be treated as such. No one indicator will ever take over price and volume.

Enjoy your Friday and make sure you cut your losses short.

top longs up TODAY w/ total returns since 1st buy: DAN 224% KONG 133% CAR 101% FIREE 115% ATSG 125% CAMP 86% TEN 82% CHBT 21% BZ 39%(79% EARLY) NAVI 23% LAD 47% VOCL 26% CISG 23% FUQI 36% RINO 20% GRRF 20% OMN 43% OPWV 26% IILG 25% OGXI 21% ACTG 56%

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