Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Late Day Support Kicks the NASDAQ into Positive Territory as Small Caps Take Charge

Small caps continue their reign over larger cap stocks as small cap indicies notch very nice gains. Going against the common thought of a pull back stocks continued their march higher despite the majority calling for a pullback. Just about 2pm EDT stocks took a dive, as the NASDAQ headed back to the 2000 level. Buyers stepped up to the plate showing their support and as the late day surged grew so did volume. More importantly, leadership is strong and is showing the strength needed for this market to continue moving forward. In the face of the market needing a pull back it thrusted forward with leaders out in front.

Regardless of whether or not this market needs a pullback I immediately point to the leadership of this market. They will be the ones telling you the health of this market. At the moment, we are seeing big stock leadership taking over this market suggesting institutional cash is beginninig to flow steadily back into the market. Off the March lows we simply saw a junk-off-the-bottom rally where many shorts were being forced out of their positions due to extreme price action in many stocks. Whether or not the selling was "overdone" it sparked a fierce short-covering rally that is on its last legs. This is why it is extremely important for big stock leadership to emerge because without their leadership this market would wilt and roll over.

At this point, if we begin to roll over or go higher I welcome any move the market decides to make here. The market and leading stocks will guide me through the waters of this market. At the moment, it simply appears the fat is being trimmed off and the true leadership is beginning to emerge from the bottom. It won't be long before many of these leaders will show tremendous strides and possibly turn into Monster Stocks. While this may not be a perfect bull market it is certainly a bull market that is trying to shed its excess fat. We'll be on the stocks that are making their moves.

There is no need to get cute with this market, trying to plow into stocks that are extended or short stocks anticipating a turn is downright dangerous. Carefully planned execution and picking the right spots to get long is what is warranted. I do believe this market will continue on its upward path before seeing any type of major correction. Since 7/8 Day 1 of this most recent rally attempt the market has yet to see any distribution yet it has seen more than a few accumulation days. It is this type of action that indicates to me this market will continue its upward trend.

Always remember to cut your losses, you never want losses to take out your trading capital.

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