Saturday, February 25, 2012

Big Wave Trading Portfolio Update And Top Current Holdings

The Big Wave Trading margin and retirement accounts remain fully invested. There have been two distribution days in the Nasdaq in the past week but the selling has been orderly. While we remain cautious on new positions with the market in a non-stop uptrend, we continue to ride the trend higher. We do not know if the market will or will not pullback. We can only prepare for both outcomes. If the market begins to pullback we will continue to sell laggards and look for new leaders. If new leaders do not appear then we know there are problems with the underlying market. As of now, every time we sell off a laggard we are presented with another leader giving a legit BUY signal. As long as this occurs, Big Wave Trading will remain fully invested flipping out the laggards and using that capital to invest in the new leaders. While a pullback seems like the appropriate and necessary thing for the market to do, we know the market usually does the opposite of what we want. Therefore, if the rally continues without a pullback, we at Big Wave Trading will not be surprised and will just ride the wave.

Top Current Holdings – Percent Return – Date of Purchase

IRE – 52% – 1/12/12
KORS – 47% – 1/17/12
MOTR – 46% – 2/2/12
LCAV – 46% – 2/13/12
FFN – 35% – 2/7/12
UMDD – 34% – 1/5/12
YINN – 34% – 1/5/12
RENN – 34% – 1/11/12
FAS – 28% – 1/5/12
TNGO – 28% – 2/3/12
CRMT – 28% – 11/30/11
RF – 28% – 1/5/11
VNET – 25% – 1/10/12

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