Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Facebook $FB Files for an IPO as a late day sell-off takes down the S&P 500

The big talk of the town was FB filing for its IPO. Despite the news of the IPO sellers hit the market late day pushing stocks from its highs. Over at the NASDAQ despite sellers on the NYSE the NASDAQ appeared to be somewhat immune. Volume soared on the NASDAQ as institutions pile back into technology stocks. It is clear the leading index of this rally is the NASDAQ and we view this as a positive sign. A solid day for the NASDAQ while it appears the NYSE related indexes continue to lag.

We have a good start to the month of February as we get ready for Friday’s job report. As usual the talking heads will be looking to find clues of an improving economy. More people are fleeing the job market helping out the unemployment rate. As usual we will not try to predict what the number may or may not be and gauge a plan of attack based upon a guess. Discipline is paramount, we’ll stick to our proper buy and sell rules and let the guessing be handled by others.

What to do about FB? We are going to wait and see how it trades. We’d love to see the stock consolidate and form an IPO base. It’s anyone’s guess where the stock will go. Perhaps it will pull a LNKD and catapult on day one. Truly, it’s anyone’s guess and we’ll wait to attack the stock if it meets our buying criteria.

Our uptrend continues and without any major distribution it is hard to be calling for a top here. Perhaps a major reversal day on mega volume would do it, but we don’t have that situation. Anticipating moves will only leave you on the sidelines. Stay disciplined!

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