Monday, August 13, 2012

NASDAQ Closes in the Green as Stocks Find Support at Friday’s Lows

It was another quiet Monday trading session, as AAPL and GOOG lead the NASDAQ higher closing just off the highs of the session. Volume was once again lower on the day, as we proceed through the dog days of summer. Commodities traded lower on the day, as gas at the pumps has rebounded higher putting pressure on consumers. When the market hit its lows, after the 11 o’clock hour, buyers began to show up supporting the market. While volume wasn’t highe–showing institutions piling back into the market–the price action was considerably bullish. There is quite a bit of economic news set to hit the market the rest of the week and we’ll certainly see the market move. PPI data out tomorrow and CPI data out Wednesday will certainly spark debate regarding Federal Reserve policy. The more we see deflation the more folks will make a case for another round of quantitative easing. To us it is noise in regards to our trading, but for a cocktail party (a boring one) it makes for good banter. Price matters most and although debating Fed policy is fun for some it is not useful for our trading. Today was overall is a bullish day, but boy was it a boring day. Europe was mostly lower and we failed to get any rumors from central banks. Boring days are good when you do not get epic failures from leaders. Leadership remains thin here and cash is king, but we have seen stranger things from this market. The next big thing from the US Central Bank is the Jackson Hole summit at the end of this month. All eyes will be on Ben Bernanke to see if he hints at or lays out the plans for another easing program. Up until then, I’d expect very little from the Fed. Rumors will always be present, but price always gives the clue. Remember the most important part of trading is knowing entries and exits. Cutting losses is most important piece to your trading!

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