Thursday, August 23, 2012

Stocks Slide as Volume Slips

Jobless claims and New Home sales disappointed setting a negative tone for the entire trading day. Federal Reserve President Bullard did not confirm a new quantitative easing program, but gold and silver still jumped higher. The two precious metals are certainly trading like there will be another easing program. Buyers did try to get the market higher before the lunch hour, but they did not have enough ammo to push the market back into positive territory. Tuesday’s high remains a road block for this market we have moved lower on lighter volume. Today was a consolidation day, but it is time for institutions to step up and support this market. The continued move in the precious metals has been quite impressive. What it all means is really anyone’s guess. An educated guess would be the metals are moving because of a new easing program. What about a lack of confidence in the US Dollar? ECB bond buying? We can certainly make up plenty of different reasons for the move. However, are you busy worried about the why rather than just getting aboard and taking advantage of the run? The “why” always comes, but we aren’t about to wait and waste an opportunity for gains. Sentiment has shifted to be in the bulls camp. AAII survey showed the amount of bulls jump to 42% the highest for this recent uptrend. Bears slipped to 26%, but many remain on the sidelines. 42% is not at an extreme level and anything above 48% would be considered extreme. 26% is low, but for bears anything around 20% would be too considered extreme. Current sentiment really only highlights the neutral nature of the survey respondents. This weekend will be the last weekend before the office end of the summer season. Make sure you get out there and enjoy the last of summer. Remember, know your entries, position size, and your exits.

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