Saturday, February 09, 2013

Big Wave Trading Portfolio Update And Top Current Holdings

The Big Wave Trading Portfolio remains under a strong BUY signal from 1/2/13. There remains absolutely zero indications, via price action, that there is anything to do but ride the trend higher here. Despite the constant discussions of what is wrong with this rally and how extreme it is (we will go over that below), stocks continue to breakout from solid consolidation patterns with other stocks either trending up since breaking out or consolidating in preparation for possible breakouts. As long as we continue to see high quality stocks setup, consolidate, and breakout, we will remain buyers, despite the “overbought” conditions of the market. And trust me we are extremely aware about them at Big Wave Trading. While we remain buyers of stocks “up here,” we are being very selective and using appropriate capital for a market so extended. If we had more of our current holdings looking like they were putting in climax or parabolic type runs we would be more worried and would begin to hunt for protective put positions in the indexes. However, our longs continue to act orderly and do not exhibit the patterns seen at a market that is doomed to soon top. It still very well could but the price action in the market and stocks does not suggest that. We read all the headlines. We see all the news. For instance, 3-month sum mutual fund and ETF inflows are at 10 year highs, weekly mutual fund inflows are at 13 year highs, mutual funds have the least amount of cash on hand in 50 years, the VIX is too low at 13, the bulls are dominating the bears on the II (55 vs. 21) and AAII (43 vs. 30) surveys, and stocks are overbought on short-term oscillating indicators. That is all fine and well and we definitely take all bit of information into consideration as we prepare for the inevitable pullback. However, until it actually happens, there is no reason to take defensive measures now by selling stocks or eliminating new long positions. Imagine not buying the gap up in LNKD on Friday because you thought the market was too high. It clearly didn’t care what you thought and proceeded to move higher throughout the session. Therefore, until we get our 3-5 churning or distribution days in the market over a period of 2-4 weeks, we will continue to take long signals but keep the new positions relative to the overall safety of their pattern and the continuation of the overbought market. When the tide changes, we will take our profits when our signals are triggered and will add some protective put positions. Until then, the trend has been our friend throughout 2013 so far and until that changes it is wise to remain its friend. It will change. That you can be sure of. As of Friday, however, it is still up across all major market averages. Have a great rest of your weekend everyone. I wish you a very profitable upcoming week. Aloha from a very warm and sunny Maui. TOP CURRENT HOLDINGS – PERCENT RETURN – DATE OF SIGNAL CSU long – 70% – 9/4/12 CAMP long – 66% – 4/26/12 HEES long – 65% – 9/4/12 FLT long – 48% – 9/6/12 EAC long – 43% – 12/17/12 VRNM short – 43% – 4/10/12 POWR long – 39% – 12/11/12 ASTM short – 32% – 7/17/12 MNTX long – 31% – 1/17/13 AXLL long – 29% – 1/4/13 CPSS long – 25% – 1/31/13

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