Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Volume Jumps and Stocks Fall Ending the Market’s Uptrend

The NASDAQ Composite loses its 50 day moving average on heavy volume. AAPL and GOOG lead the NASDAQ 100 lower as the big cap technology closed down 1.99%. Commodities followed stocks lower with copper and other metals leading the charge lower. The Federal Reserve’s Beige book showed moderate growth due to autos and housing but did very little to lift the market further off its lows. Blue chips continued their outperformance with help from JNJ and HD. The action as of late is certainly along with volume has thrown our uptrend out the window. We will act accordingly to our rules. Economic news has not been good across the globe and up until this week the market has ignored them. This morning BAC released disappointing results and CSX CEO stated this economy would only grow 1-2%. Two percent growth is simply not good enough and anything less than 2% would cause big impacts. Many estimates from the public to private sector are counting on growth to solve our problems. If growth doesn’t show up it will cause significant impacts to bottom lines. Earnings will continue to pour in and while there was quite a bit of optimism heading into this earnings season it is how the market reacts is what is important to us. We do not pretend to even think we could predict the future like many pundits on CNBC and Bloomberg. Our focus is on our trend following process to set ourselves apart and obtain superior performance. Focus on price action and using our rules to know when to get in and out is how we drive superior results. Tomorrow we’ll get our weekly look at Jobless claims. It is anyone’s guess how the number will turn out, but it is sure to get a good rant out of Rick Santelli! Who doesn’t love a good rant every once in a while. Perhaps we have our correction that every bear has been calling for at our doorstep. We simply won’t know until it is over. Stick with Big Wave Trading and we’ll get you to a higher level of trading. Cut those losses and ride your winners.

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