Monday, May 20, 2013

In a rare move Stocks end lower; Gold and Silver find their Footing

Heading into the week the US market once again watched the Nikkei continue to move further into the stratosphere. Futures were pretty anemic heading into the trading session today. Overnight news focused on the plunge in precious metals as Silver and Gold were hit hard. Despite the negative open and sentiment both precious metals were able to find their footing and reverse to close positive. Each metal tested key points and perhaps have put in a short-term bottom. SPX briefly hit all time highs, but then were knocked off their highs of the session. Support did filter into the market helping the market to close off the lows of the session. All signs point for this market to continue higher and with Turnaround Tuesday tomorrow gains should resume. The interesting action today centered around the precious metals and one that could turn out to be a significant turning point in the struggling precious metals. GLD tested April lows today and with a bunch of volume showed tremendous amount of support. On the other hand SLV had dropped below its pivotal point only to plow through it today. Volume certainly is saying something for both precious metals. Was today a bottom for GLD and SLV? Is anyone’s guess, but we do have a clear exit in case this falls apart on us. Wednesday we’ll get a read on Existing Home Sales and the Federal Reserve meeting minutes. The focus on the language in these minutes over the “taper” of “halting” of the current money printing scheme will be nauseating. CNBC et al will have a field day with LIESman leading the charge. Price will lead the way for us. Focusing on our stocks and how they act is much more important than anything anyone can “guess” about the Federal Reserve meeting minutes. Stick with Big Wave Trading. Enjoy this week!

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