Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Stocks Close Higher ahead of the Fed

Anticipation of the Fed tomorrow is tremendous as traders position themselves ahead of tomorrow’s policy announcement. On the economic front today weaker than expected housing data failed to halt the rally in homebuilding stocks today. Homebuilding ETFs regained their 50 day moving average a show of strength. Buyers were out support stocks yet volume lagged behind Monday’s pace suggesting buying fever wasn’t too high. Tuesday’s returned to positive side as the last two Tuesday trading sessions have ended in the red. Today’s price action certainly has put the market in a more favorable light for the bulls. Of course, tomorrow can change this picture in a heartbeat. However, given the recent action there hasn’t been any signals suggesting we have much downside from here. Homebuilders have certainly made a come back and judging by the volume seen in the ITB ETF buyers were rushing to pile back in. Defense of the 50 day is a big positive for the ETF and stocks. Last week it certainly appeared as if homebuilding stocks were going to head below their respective 200 day moving averages. Crude oil settled above $98 a barrel. Higher crude prices will certainly hurt the consumer despite all the good news regarding “shale oil” and “shale gas.” Higher commodity prices in general will have a great impact on lower income families and continued rising crude oil prices will certainly keep the squeeze on. DBC – Powershares Commodity tracking fund is poised to push higher from its latest consolidation. Not only will stocks have fun tomorrow with the Fed announcement look for the commodity sector join in the fun we call volatility. There will be a lot of talk from the financial press on how to manage ahead and after the Fed policy statement. Let price be your guide rather than your opinions. Ego gets in the way often and leads to issues trading your portfolio. Let it go and follow Big Wave Trading and our process guiding you through any type of market. Enjoy watching the fireworks!

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