Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Stocks Gain In A Very Choppy Day Of Trading, On Mixed Volume.

It was another seemingly boring day for the indexes. I could not find really any catalyst for today's action. However, the media told us that it was the two Fed presidents suggesting that hikes may be near the end. If that doesn't fit you, you can just say the markets rose today due to the CSC news that it is being acquired. Either way, that is not why the markets went up, but will end it at that.

Major market indexes rallied across the board from the Nasdaq's .3% gain to the SP 500's .6% gain. The top index on the day, that I follow, was the IBD 100 moving up 1.2%. That shows that leaders are doing better than the general market and that is a bullish development. The SP 400 and NYSE hit all time highs and the Nasdaq had its highest close in 5 years. Bullish? Yes.

Volume was higher on the Nasdaq and lower on the NYSE. Advancers beat decliners by 9 - 7 on the NYSE and on the Nasdaq they were basically flat.

The markets are still very bullish and I basically had a lot of low volume pullbacks or small low volume advancers. So everything still looks like smooth sailing into earnings season. As you know that is one of the four storms we have every year. Still we are not there yet but have plenty of time for commentators to warn us of the upcoming misses. That helps us climb that wall that they love building with no foundation.

The markets continue to hold up well to the disgust of the bears. As long as they continue to pound the table on why the market is going to fall soon, we are going to keep going up. Until they accept the truth and become true believers of the trend in front of them, we will continue to ride their shorts higher to that sweet point of capitulation. And that is the sweet point at which we true disciplined traders will then sell our shares right at the point that the bears will not be able to take anymore.

I can't think of much else to add. There really hasn't been anything that has wowed me the past three days and I don't think I am the only one out there with that same feeling. So on that note I want to say thank you for the kind words that have come across my way from all my friends. I hope everyone had a great day yesterday and I hope today's trading day treats you well.


New Swing Longs: MXO RNWK GMT LOJN -- More information on longs at Investors Paradise on the Josh Hayes Professional Investor link.

New Swing Shorts: NONE

Longs Outperforming Market(number is % gain since orig. position): ATHR-134 PETS-120 WIRE-137 NVDA-102 BOOM-425 RATE-151 SLW-124 MFLX-205 CBG-114 BBD-126 AUY-127 BWNG-148 GIGM-115 IVAC-37 SLAB STX-31 KDN LPSN ASVI-30 BAM-26 PEC EAGL-65 RUTH BGC-69 RUSHA COGO-28 MDCC-49 KEX-38 NMR-42 LTM XRTX-62 CVO-94 TMI-30 FWLT-67 HEIA-33 GEMS-28 SCHK-39 UVN ARS-57 CHE NGPS SMSI-58 CIB-51 DECK CLZR-56 CVN AAU QCC GCA MEK-37 FSGI KNXA-62 VGZ-68 IIP-52 TXCC RNAI-72 SFE ZEUS-58 ISV-44 CPST TYL MDII DB TMTA PPCO WGRD SYKE TOMO-32 UBS MERX-49 TXCO-61 EVST-49 WST SEAB CNXT-62 ING RADN-37 FC-26 SMF-29 CHRK ICTG-85 AP

Shorts Outperforming Market: NONE

Stocks On Radar Screen: WEBM MEOH ICGE CPL

Big Hits: LJPC -- 10% cut loss.


Y.Y. said...

i see you still holding srxs

Y.Y. said...


Joshua_NControl said...

STXS -- I am still long from my original purchase. The second purchase has been sold.

A newbie trader never should have taken this trade but I am not selling yet. The stock is still finding intraday support and the selling is coming on much lower volume than the accumulation on the uptrend. It still is holding the Feb. lows. Until that goes I am going to hold on. Even today you can see the intraday support. Those tails on the dailies are telling me that someone is willing to buy the market makers downticks. If there was more volume than the uptrend I would be out, but there is not so I am staying for now.

Great luck, Y.Y.

Anonymous said...

what u think about AHC, nice breakout today out of nice consolidation.....thanks....chip stocks and housing had some interesting breakouts today,

Joshua_NControl said...

AHC is in a nice uptrend but it is too choppy and has come too far from its original breakout in early 2004 to be considered a safe buy. I would not touch it, due to the volatile nature and extended base count.

Take care.