Sunday, March 01, 2009

Nasty Selloff, On Friday, On Huge Volume, Sends Indexes Into 1997 Levels; I Feel A Nasty Selloff Coming. Hope I Am Wrong!

It was an ugly end to an ugly week and this was good news to us at because are long-term shorts are really starting to pay off. This can be seen by just looking below at our top short returns. As you can imagine, with our Gold longs, it was a very good week.

I think it is best for everyone to just stop listening to the media and start paying attention to your charts only. It has become very clear by looking at the "best" pundits returns for 2008 that they are the least trustworthy bunch of stock advisers that there can be. Heck even my accountant who runs a ton of stock trading accounts admitted that I had the best returns last year. So it has become very clear to me that most are doing horrible.

Not surprisingly the active investors that did the worst were daytraders. I am not shocked by that as much as the "trading advice" he was attempting to give me. Why was this shocking? Because he just admitted that he was one of "those" that lost a lot of money in 2008, yet there he is telling me, once again, how I should probably invest.

It was crazy to think that someone that lost so much buying bank stocks all year long and who just saw my GAINS FOR 2008 is telling me "the right way to trade." I asked him why he believed his way was better than mine even with the huge difference in returns. His response was, "that is what I learned in college and from reading Warren Buffett." Instead of cracking up and peeing in my pants I decided, instead, to ask him how much he has paid in "market tuition" in becoming an investor. He told me he has bought five books by Warren Buffett and "just knows to buy financials cheap." Where did he learn that? Nowhere. He created this rule in his head. If he bought bank stocks "cheap" all year in 2008, how do you think he did?...exactly. What is the point of all of this?

It's simple! Clearly he spent too much money going to college and learning how to become an accountant he said and thus would not pay for financial advice. I said, "sir, that is why you are down over 50% this year and have ruined 20 years of gains in one year." The outcome of this mess...he has to move off of Maui and I now will have a new accountant.

Folks, the honest to God truth is that if you are reading this, are not a subscriber, and our losing money currently in the market you need to go take a long look in the mirror and ask yourself if you COULD handle a 20 year bear market with losses most years. The funny thing about the members of BWT is that a LOT of subscribers did better than me last year because their long and short decisions were better timed and they went heavy in the right shorts and the few longs we had. The one thing they all had in common? NONE! of my subscribers are even 1/2 way to being down 55% like the NYSE is. NONe! And this year has even been better so far in that both our shorts are KILLING it and so are our Gold longs. Being long Gold and short the market has been a blessing for the BWT crew so far this year and I am sure by the end of the year the intelligent o'hana (family) of BigWaveTrading will be outperforming the majority of stock websites out there.

Everyone must invest in themselves. Why in the world do 95% of the American population pay more for cable bills every year over investment publications? Why do over 95% take more time thinking about the outfit they are going to wear instead of their next investment decision in the markets. NOBODY needs other people to invest their money for them unless they have less than 30 minutes a day for 5 days a week. If you have at least 30 minutes a day for five days during a seven day stretch, there is NO EXCUSE to not be running your own money. However, if you don't have that amount of time then SURE give your money to Ken Heebner.

If you have the time you have no excuse. By using that time clock I just gave you, knowing that it WILL take at least two-to-three years to do it CORRECTLY, CONSISTENTLY, AND PROFITABLY, and then at the end of this tuition period you will be able to scan, research the few that show up at night, and then enter your orders in about 1 hour to 3 hours depending on how many show up in the scans nightly is the best job in the world. Why? You have the other 21 to 22 hours of the day to do whatever you want. Even if that is daytrading, so-be-it!

I want to apologize to everyone in case there are any mistakes in this tonight. On Sunday morning I woke up to a severe! MS attack that has rendered my left hand numb completely and useless. So I did all of this with one hand and it took very long. However, everyone needs to understand that YOU WILL NOT EVER!!! make money without spending money on market advice.

When I started, by the age of 17 I was paying $200 EVERY month for access with an elite group of traders. NOT only that but at 16 I (not mommy or daddy) was paying for IBD and by 17 you could throw Telechart data into the equation. The bottom line: the more money you spend on GREAT TOOLS like Daily Graphs, Worden charts, and low cost commission houses like Interactive Brrokers, the more money that you spend to learn from the best, the better you will be. My subscribers know this and I am telling you I have NEVER seen such a correlation in portfolio performance from those that get free advice from the market and those that pay for GREAT advice. Those that pay definitely get to play and stay. Those that don't, the market and YOU know you are a joke. Very few are cut out for this but if you are going to commit to a big wave you could find no better spot.

Once again, I apologize for my Multiple Sclerosis attack. These normally take a month to pass but pray that it last just a few days. No matter what...I'll be in the chat room!

top shorts with their TOTAL returns since I went short that are making me money TODAY: CEDC 87% SDA 80% CYT 70% GGB 66% TITN 57% SPG 59% IPHS 51% APD 50% OKE 49% GTIV 35% PRGO 32% CEO 32% MCY 33% BOH 22% WRB 16% PG 24% LLL 28%

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