Thursday, July 19, 2012

NASDAQ 100 Carries the Market Higher Despite Disappointing Manufacturing Data and Jobless Claims

Economic news was not good this morning, with the Philly Fed showing manufacturing contracting and jobless claims contracting much more than expected. Initially the market did sell off on the news but buyers jumped back into the market pushing the NASDAQ back to intraday highs just after noon time. Early afternoon selling, once again, was met by buyers as this market appears it just can’t go down. Regardless of the reason we continue to see support rush into the market any time sellers get a leg up. A few financials were struggling, but overall the market remains in an uptrend and we’ll continue to act accordingly. A surprise out of the AAII investor survey was it showing the number of bears jumping above 40%! Those who are bullish fell to 22% and it is surprising considering the move in stocks since JPM issued earnings. Sentiment is not something you would want to trade off of, but it is interesting where folks are at with this market. Perhaps it shows people are bearish and feel the Federal Reserve will save the market. The big boy financials certainly aren’t following up gains from earnings. MS reported this morning and the stock has been getting hammered. BAC, JPM, and GS continue to act very weak! Technology stocks are certainly in favor with EBAY, QCOR, and SNDK earnings. Last week it was JPM who got the party started with its earnings release and we have seen very little follow-through. We’ll stand pat with our rules-based investing and leave the guess work to others. Lagging the broader market in a significant way were Small Cap stocks. The Russell 2000 fell .36% today, while the NASDAQ jumped .79%. Even though the NASDAQ backed off its highs of the day, the index put in a solid day, unlike small cap stocks. It is unfortunate, but investors are just not favoring small cap stocks for whatever reason. Perhaps the Bernanke put is only dividend yielding stocks? It is anyone’s guess and for now small cap stocks as a group are not moving and we’ll latch onto the stocks that are moving. Just another day in paradise! Cut your losses and let your winners ride! Have a great weekend.

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