Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Stocks Add to Tuesday’s Gains as Volume Ends Higher

For the second straight day, Ben Bernanke testified in front of the house and stocks pushed higher. Housing data was a bit better than expected, aside from building permits. However, a few home building stocks like HOV and PHM did not agree. INTC lead the semi-conducting stocks and the rest of the technology sector higher. NASDAQ led the major indexes higher with solid gains, but off the highs of the session. We continue to be in rally mode and have witnessed a solid back to back days of gains. Despite potential headwinds facing this market and it being the summer time, we have quite the potential to run further. This might change tomorrow or Friday, but for now we are in rally mode. If we are wrong we simply use our rules to exit our positions and move forward. No guess work here and we certainly aren’t going to act upon any emotion. Know where your exits are both for losers and know when to exit your winners. Banks were looking pretty good, but earnings from BAC disappointed the market as the stock sold off in heavy trade today. GS and JPM both look weak here and after enjoying nice gains from JPM’s earnings release last Friday we have seen a lack of follow-through from many of the banks. BBCN and WTFC bank stocks we have liked continue to do well, but it is the big boys weighing on the entire sector. As we progress we’ll continue to look to see where our exits are and potential entries and go from there. We’d rather to see financials continue to lead the market as they tend to be the first group out of the gate during a rally. Where this market goes is anyone’s guess! For now we have a trend to push higher and until we get signaled otherwise it is the long side we go. Cut your losses and ride your winners.

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