Monday, November 05, 2012

NASDAQ Leads Market higher in Light Trade Ahead of Elections

Tomorrow’s Presidential and Local elections have been the dominating headline for much of the day as US Voters are set to usher in new and old leaders. The market on Friday sold the jobs report as the majority of the market closed just off the worse levels of the session. Friday’s session was quite bearish given what was to be perceived as a positive jobs report. At Friday’s close the market was in borderline oversold territory and today’s bounce appears to be a reaction to the heavy selling on Friday. Light volume ahead of tomorrow’s election is to be expected with bets not willing to be made prior to exit polling. We remain in sell mode and will continue to remain in sell mode until this market can find stable ground. Economic data was on the light side today with the ISM Non-manufacturing index was released. The service sector did expand, but at a slower pace than expected. Logically thinking would have had the market move lower, but we rallied on the news. It wasn’t until the end of the day where buyers showed up. It was on the light side as volume was well below Friday’s levels. Today’s action while in the green was not very bullish considering volume was so light. Tomorrow’s session will prove to be volatile if we begin to see exit polling contradicting the polls we have been seeing up until this point. In the end it will depend on who will come out and vote. Will it be the Democrats who outnumbered Republicans last election? Or will we see Republicans dominate the turnout? The question is why are we only stuck on a two party system? Cut your losses! Ride the trend.

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