Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Stocks Fall Again as Fed Hints at More Asset Purchases Next Year

Despite CSCO and ANF gapping higher the market could not overcome selling. Once again volume jumped on the day as Institutional Investors dumped stock on the market. We did see some movement from the VIX, but the fear index remains tame under 20. Selling picked up steam as Obama stepped up to the microphone after meeting with numerous CEOs. The market clearly didn’t appreciate what he had to say nor what came from the FOMC meeting minutes. More asset purchases were discussed for next year due as if the first three easing programs worked. Our sell signals remains and has kept us on the right side of the market despite the oversold conditions. There isn’t much this market hasn’t taken to the woodshed. Homebuilders and Financials were the two groups holding up and now they are under tremendous pressure. BAC had been holding up, but it too could not hold up under the tremendous selling pressure. XLF is now just above its 200 day, but all we see is heavy volume selling. It will take some time before XLF will repair itself. XHB sliced through its 50 day today and appears to be headed to its 200 day. We may be oversold, but there isn’t much signaling a short-term bottom. We could bounce into next week, but we aren’t seeing anything ready to support a significant move higher. Perhaps we get a Grand Bargain the market likes, but what we heard from Obama this is simply a pipe dream. Given the oversold nature of the market it wouldn’t surprise us to see the market try to bounce at these levels. We do not have a crystal ball, but given what we have seen from the market and with a tame VIX it is hard to believe we have found a floor. The June bottom came when the VIX nearly hit 30, but lead to a choppy bottom before we headed higher. Until we get capitulation and a VIX jumping it is very likely we’ll continue lower. Do not be a hero and try to pick a bottom. Leave that to Jim Cramer.

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