Thursday, January 10, 2013

Dollar Falls and Stocks Shake-off Intraday Sell-Off

Shaking off a late morning sell-off the market was able to rebound closing near the highs of the session as volume pushed higher on the NYSE, but flat on the NASDAQ. The EURO raced higher after comments from the ECB rate announcement pushing down the dollar index. AAPL was the catalyst for both moves in the morning and late afternoon as the stock continues to move sideways after its most recent decline. The NASDAQ and Small Caps hit new highs for the uptrend a good sign for the market in the short-term at least. Our uptrend continues to play out and barring any price destruction should continue on its merry way. Gold and silver rebounded today after their most recent sell-off. Despite the Federal Reserve signaling a possible end to QE forever the metals have been able to rebound somewhat. Crude oil once again moved higher while the rest of the commodity space remained relatively flat. The inflation trade in stocks and commodities still lives. Sentiment has crept back to lofty levels for the market, but not at the highs previously seen. The AAII bull sentiment figure jumped to 46.45. This past year the high for the index hit 51.64 back in February of 2012. The market was still able to rally higher and set a new high for the rally showing sentiment is not a reliable indicator for the market. Bears came in at 26.92 well above the 52 week low of 17.18 set back January of last year. Neither sentiment readings are at extremes, but we are close. The Investors Intelligence survey showed bulls back above 50% at 51%, but no near the high of 58% set earlier. Given the recent action and the lack of ultra-bullishness it appears this market has some room to run. Tomorrow we’ll get a reading on prices on imports and exports followed by the Treasury Budget announcement at 2pm. The deficit is expected to come in at -1 billion dollars. Many took income in the month of January rather than in 2013 due to the fiscal cliff. It will be interesting to see how much money the Treasury will be able to net. I’d think the estimates are off and likely sway when the debt ceiling debate would begin. We can only speculate at this point, but something to keep an eye on. As we ride into the weekend, we expect to see this market hit new highs and stand ready to act as necessary. Cut those losses.

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