Saturday, January 05, 2013

Stocks Rally to Close out the Week despite Lower than Expected Job Growth

The market was able to shake off a disappointing jobs figure on Friday morning failing to print 200,000 jobs. AAPL was another loser on the day slipping more than 2% weighing down the NASDAQ while the S&P lead by banks and energy was able to push higher. Banks continue to do well with the Federal Reserve buying their mortgage portfolios. For the week it was a monster move for stocks and a monster fall for the VIX. This market does not have any fear and traders are positioned for this market to continue to push higher. Small caps continue to dominate hitting new highs and until banks and small caps turn there is not a reason for this market not to push higher. It was a stellar week for plenty of stocks and there appears to be more gains had. However, since the 11/16 move off the lows (when we were close, but not close to a fiscal cliff deal) we have come a long ways. This is not to say we can’t continue to march along, but there are some things saying this market needs to digest some gains. The number of stocks above their 20 day and 50 day moving averages at least suggest a shorter term pull back. However, the number of stocks above their 200 day says something different. Price will dictate our actions, but it is always prudent to be on your toes. The VIX has been decimated with fear fleeing the market. VIX is simply an indicator of market position via options. At this point in time the VIX is simply telling us traders are positioned for an upside move. Albeit a crowded trade at this point, but big bets are being made for an upside move after the fiscal cliff deal. Unfortunately for the market crowded trades can work well in the short-term, but not so over the long haul. Short-term this market appears to have legs and will look for it to move higher. Another debt ceiling showdown coupled with warnings from Rating Agencies of a possible downgrade will be another treat dealt to us by DC. We would not be in this mess if DC only spent what it took in. Make it a great weekend!

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