Sunday, May 07, 2006

Markets Continue To Make New All Time And Six Year Highs.

No market commentary this weekend. I had way too much fun with close friends. The O'hana of support I have on this island is amazing. A great weekend full of food and fun! What more can you ask for.

If you read the last five post on this blog, you will be more than caught up. Friday's move didn't surprise me at all. There is simply NO reason to ever be bearish when the markets are in uptrends. And that is what we have, all across the board.



Adding More To Position: TZOO

New Swing Shorts: NONE

Longs Outperforming Market(number is % gain since purchase): I will do this when I wake up. I am too tired.

Shorts Outperforming Market: NONE

Stocks On Radar Screen: GFIG EP NUVO


Bluesunze said...

Josh , what do ya think Of ZVXI, I'm long since 2/28/06. thinking of adding more, sold a little before earnings.......

Anonymous said...

ERS kaboom.....up the escalator, down the elevator shaft....anyone that is thinking of buying on the dip is crazy. overhead resistance doesnt get more obvious than on ERS chart.....(i dont deal with many indicators but my 'sophisticated' sentiment indicator :) is i look at yahoo chart board when i am looking at buying a stock and if the stock has already made a long-term move and the board is really active, like ERS, that usually not a good sign - everyone knows about the stock. but that's just my 2cents...or-kiter

Anonymous said...

i dont usually play low-price stocks after a long bull mkt run but went long small position of SVL end of day today in 4.60's. i liked chart with strong sector and fundamentals look pretty good for a sub-$5stock(the breakout today thru the may 2nd top looked too nice for me to pass up)....bluesunze, ZVXI too extended to add but stay long the breakout today(look at weekly chart- its up 400% from its base in 6mo- dont chase it...that's my opinion(although i am surpised you held onto when it went below its 50dma in March(hi volume breakdown on march7 i would have been out as it broke 50dma and support)...i'm bored today b/c i am sick at home... or-kiter

Anonymous said...

what does shares in float mean?

Anonymous said...

Float is what is freely tradeable in the market.

misstopsy said...

I am thrilled to see the the increased optimism with each post (and I am talking about your non-stock commentary). I am even more thrilled that you are having fun with friends. I hope that you are finding that your ohana of support is larger and more devoted that you thought! There are many of us who are pulling for you, are sending you all our good thoughts, and are confident that happiness will be yours once again. -- T