Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Oversold Bounce Finally Arives; Don't Be Too Trigger Happy.

No commentary tonight as I continue to do the tourist thing with friends in town. Great luck today and I shall see you on Friday!! I will be available via Investors Paradise

New Swing Longs: DPM OPTV CBIZ

New Swing Shorts: NONE

Longs Outperforming Market: STRL-53 LRCX-35 WEBX IHS-31 GIGM-177 IGTG-91 PKE ASGN-80 CTXS-49 GGI CBEY BWP ABI SPSX-56 PAY-55 Q-47 TMG SYKE CVO-103 SMDI-140 IT-31 ACTG-64 TVIA ILA KNOL-101 SMF MEND CTEC

Shorts Outperforming Market:

Stocks On Radar Screen: PCLN BIDU PSS PPHM LUM LXU


Y.Y. said...

selling spx now @ 1268
now observing to take on a new short position
first level i am watching is

Y.Y. said...

market rallied strong into the close but volume on the NYSE fell 25% ouch!!!!!!!!!!!

Joshua_NControl said...

I will no longer be posting comments here. This blog is the free version of my paid site.

I answer all questions and offer a lot of commentary on Investors Paradise. It cost nothing to sign up.

I look forward to seeing you there!!!

Anonymous said...


If you ever feel like it, maybe you could tell us what life was like at a hedge fund (ie, axis of evil)???

thanks :)

Joshua_NControl said...

Life was horrible.

It would amaze you how few people really know what they are doing.

It wasnt a big deal to be honest with you.

It was like working for a mutual fund. Same kind of stuff. Nothing that big of a deal.

I hated the people there. That is aobut it. And it obviously must have been really bad if it caused me to move to Hawaii. yeah?

Anonymous said...

Hmm sounds similar to working with lawyers. Glad you broke free!

Joshua_NControl said...


Yes. It is the same.

I am a free man for the rest of my life.

I do it my way or no way now.

It is very nice to have this skill.

If I ever had a fund and if I had great people working with me, it would be much more casual.

I am glad I broke free too! Thank you for the positive reinforcement.