Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Bernanke Presses on with QE, but Volume Drops as Stocks Close Higher

Another Federal Reserve meeting and the central bank vows to continue to print billions of dollars a month until the Unemployment rate drops to acceptable rates. Cyprus fears seem to die down as it appears Russia will protect its own and give a bailout to the small island nation. Banks will not reopen to next Tuesday, but the situation begs the question will the next EU country who needs a bailout and is not involved with Russian Oligarchs will be required to confiscate bank deposits? Philosophical question, but we digress. Price action continues to indicate this uptrend will continue higher. Volume was lower on the day despite the Fed’s Chief promise to keep the printing presses pumping liquidity. How high and how far we’ll go is anyone’s guess, but we’ll continue to operate in an uptrend. Two blemishes on the day were HPQ and FDX. These two stocks have been leading this market higher, but both today turned lower. HPQ appears to have run out of steam after doubling since its November lows. FDX earnings release disappointed the market. Falling more than 7 points on the highest volume since 2010 it blew through its 50 day moving average. FDX had been leading the Transports to new heights, but after today it places a blemish on the current uptrend. Perhaps a bigger earnings story is what happened to ORCL in after-hours trading. When all was said in down in the after-hours session the stock fell more than 7% from today’s close. The stock missed its earnings expectations and was punished. ORCL has been pushing higher and leading the NASDAQ higher along with GOOG. We’ll see how the stock reacts in tomorrow’s session, but the drop in after-hours is quite telling. Now with the Federal Reserve out of the way it will be interesting to see if the market can continue to remain elevated. Time will tell and price will guide our trading.

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