Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Home Prices Jump as Stocks End in the Green in Extremely Light Turnover

Early morning economic news did help the market at the open. However a disappointing consumer confidence, Richmond Fed, and New Home sales figures did halt the enthusiasm. Europe continued to remain in no man’s land with Spain leading the market lower. If I had to make a guess the IBEX 35 would be the next stock index to see a major break lower. The FTSE MIB may not be that far behind. Back here in the States the story of the day is the extreme light volume as the Dow hits all-time highs. There simply isn’t the institutional interest in the market here despite the bulls CNBC parades out on their sets. A last minute push from the buyers pushed the markets to the highs of the session. The Dow once again led the way with Small caps lagging behind. We can debate the validity of this market rally because of QE or we can simply just take the gains. It is up to you. I’d rather take the gains and have an exit strategy. SPLK gave up majority if its breakout gains from yesterday. Volume was well above average and this type of action has become the norm as of late with breakouts. LNKD has tried to continue to hit new highs, but has struggled as of late. FLT has been able to escape the reversal fate and continues to act like a true big wave trading stock. The market is not making it easy hanging onto these stocks, but if you stick to a rules based trend following system you’ll avoid pitfalls. Volume was once again lower on a day where the markets close in positive territory. At this point you could simply ask if volume is higher or lower and you’d know whether or not the market was up or down. QE has certainly thrown a wrench into the markets, but it has certainly pushed away volume. Sure option volume has jumped, but it has not replaced the volume lost since the Fed’s printing began. Price is number one in our books, but it does beg the question will volume ever return? We remain in an uptrend and will continue to stick to the long side.

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