Monday, July 22, 2013

S&P 500 Hits another All-Time High

Today was a quiet day in the Market as participants ease back into trading from the summer weekend. Existing home sales disappointed where by sales dropped 1.2% month-over-month. Clearly higher rates have put pressure on the housing market. Chicago Fed Activity index show a slight drop of .13, but who really follows this index anyway. The disappointing housing figures helped push the market higher. When there are no sellers it is quite easy to push the market higher with very little volume. Volume dropped from Friday’s option expiry inflated figure, but we weren’t really expecting volume to surge. The S&P 500 hit a new all-time high on small gains, but hey it is still a new high. Distribution really isn’t hounding the market and we still no reason to call a top here. This market continues onward and upward with this uptrend despite those who continue to fight the trend. Earnings continue to be the focus and MCD delivered its results prior to the market open. Unfortunately, it missed its estimates and the market punished the stock throughout the day. Overall, those who eat less MCD tend to be a bit healthier people in general. MCD clearly weighed on the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the stock does appear to be entering into a downtrend. MCD is not a typical name we’d be involved with, but given its price action to date we’d avoid the long side. Housing stocks will begin to deliver its earning releases shortly. ITB and XHB continue to look very top h heavy. ITB looking the worse out of the two, but both clearly are struggling at the moment. Nothing in this QE/ZIRP driven market would surprise us, but it does appear the housing stocks are set to go lower. PHM reports before the bell on Thursday and it appears to be rolling over. So much of the economic recovery talk has been surrounded by the housing recovery will make this week interesting. SHW disappointed with its earnings, yet HD and LOW are near or at highs. LL reports on Wednesday too. HD and LOW do not report till the middle of next month. Keep an eye on housing stocks as well as to those who are tied into it. Gold and silver pushed off their lows nicely today. Certainly here in the short-term a bottom is in place. We have certainly seen a few cover here. Does it mean gold and silver are headed back to 2012 highs? It does not. We’ll be patient and wait for proper entries and use proper risk management before entering into any trade. Nice way to kick off the week with gains. Stick with the process and have a great week!

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