Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Technology led by FB fuel the NASDAQ Higher

The NASDAQ hit a new multi-year high prior to noon time only to see sellers rush in and quickly move the index to its lows of the session. The S&P 500 was unable to sustain its morning gains too despite the efforts by technology names. Industrials and utilities helped push the SPX into positive territory. Consumer Services was the largest drag. Volume was up on the session across the board, but like most summer trading sessions volume ran below average. It is not big surprise volume is below average with the Fed on tap to deliver its policy statement tomorrow at 2pm. This uptrend remains intact given the price action we have in front of us. So many are concerned over the actions of the Fed tomorrow and are trying to gamble with how the market may or may not react. You cannot be 100% sure how the market will or won’t react to whether or not the Fed talks taper or not. It is pretty clear at some point they will taper and finally end the QE program. When is another question to be answered only by the Fed. Many do believe it will start sometime this year and with the falling budget deficit it will be interesting to see if the Fed will become the soul purchaser (monetizer) of US Treasury debt. Or will they simply taper their purchases. All fun questions to ask, but it is no way to position yourself to make gains in the market. FB gave a classic entry after posting earnings last week. The stock hasn’t looked back since it took a breather on Friday. There have been plenty of naysayers, but price action clearly shows there is a bias to the upside. AAPL was leading the charge along with FB, but pulled back from its high of the session. There is clear resistance at the February, March, and May highs. It will be interesting to see how the stock reacts at these points. A rising AAPL price is certainly a gigantic positive for the NASDAQ. Aside from the Federal Open Market Committee policy statement release second quarter GDP is set to be released. According to Bloomberg the consensus figure is for 1% annualized growth in the second quarter. Quite pathetic as the Fed has been pumping $85 billion a month since December and one percent growth seems quite pathetic. Common consensus says a higher than expected GDP figure would push the Fed to taper sooner rather than later. How the market reacts will be how we react. We will not try to game the direction of the market. Stay with the trend.

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