Wednesday, February 04, 2009

A Great Starts Turns Into A Poor Finish As Stock Start The Day Off On A High Note And End On A Low Note

It was another excellent busy night in the chat room and that has left me running late on my commentary post again. However, like always I am here now and can prepare for tomorrow's session.

Subscribers already know that we have two new shorts which indicates the market wants to go lower in the short-term now, instead of higher since I do not have any new longs. The odd thing however is that both my longs (10 of them) and my shorts (40 of them) are both making money. Only a few are giving me full sells and full cover signals.

This hints to me that it is a stock pickers market still and not just the kind of market anyone and everyone can just buy blindly. And when it comes to buying blindly sometimes I believe that is what the majority of people do that do not use technical analysis with their fundamental analysis or whatever it is that they think they are doing. A stock pickers market is never a kind of market that you can get filthy wealthy in. Instead it is a market where we can really try to separate yourself from the rest of the pack as the market just moves sideways. Which is what it has done since October 27, 2008. I believe we have moved .61% on the Nasdaq which indicates that we are flat-lining.

The good news is that despite the back and forth action the market does have the feel that it wants to get moving. At first I thought it was down but with the market failing to rollover and instead hold in there I decided that maybe it could be our bear market rally's time to come out and do some dance moves. However, every time the market appears to be ready to go, it pulls back a bit. The only difference as we go along is that both my shorts and longs are working. Earlier my shorts would work and my longs would fail. Now the longs appear to be holding in there.

Not only our my longs doing well but the leading industry Education stocks are doing well. Even though I do not have any long I would not have a problem with anyone going long these stocks on low volume pullbacks to their 50 day moving averages. Just make sure you buy a leader and not a laggard.

Right now, the market is still stuck around the 50 day moving average and if it continues to be like this you are not going to see much change from my market analysis. Subscribers can follow the new longs and new shorts and make money while everyone else just gets whipsawed to death. The best thing during all of this is that we have a potential "hot, perfect, nice, pretty" setting up. It is not nearly finished yet but if it does setup and finish like it is starting I believe we could finally have a moment to make money. Subscribers know what it is but I am not talking about it here.

Anyways, please watch the videos to keep up on the action and I want all Platinum and Gold members to remember that video two and sometimes a video three are always available on the Gold Forums before the first video is posted here the majority of the time. On my videos, I am now not only going over the longs and shorts in our scans every night but I am also showing you the new longs and new shorts and the reasons for the new longs and new shorts in the video format. This along with the longs and shorts website page on the .com site should completely get you into my mind of what I am seeing and looking for when I take a position. I also go over the sells and covers so that you may understand why we are either booking profits or cutting our losses fast.

Great luck to everyone out there and I will see you tomorrow in the chat room! Aloha!!

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