Thursday, February 12, 2009

Stock Indexes Hold And Prevent A Nasty Selloff That Many Pundits Assumed Was Coming; Gold, Gold, Gold!!!!

Today was a happy day for those of us that did not want to see the market crack wide open. While I may not have a care of which way the market is moving, I will admit that it is always more fun on the long side. Why? Because you can make as much as you want on the long side as long as the stock is moving up but on the short side you can only make 99.99%. So it should be obvious why it is more fun. Plus it is always more pleasant to look at a lot of green on a chart instead of red.

Today's action was tight action and indicated to me a market that may want to be a little rational and hold some semblance of itself instead of cracking wide open and deteriorating quickly. Whatever the market decides to do, I guess it doesn't really matter to those of us going long or short the stocks I have been going short or long.

It seems at first when the market was going nowhere after November that nothing was working on the short or long side. However, as this sideways market has moved along we have seen both our longs and shorts work. Now, of course, we have our fair share of cut losses, but still we have longs like Axxx, Ixx, ANCI, Jxxx, and Lxxx that still look very solid and look like they continue to provide us with gains. However, at the same time we had four stocks now up over 40% show up in our shorts making money, we had two stocks with 50% gains, we had one stock with a 77% gain after today session. So obviously, most stocks we touch are working.

What is not working, honestly, is this market. The market is caught in one big long sideways congestion and while the longer trend is down and the short term trend changes from up to down faster than John Kerry changed positions in 2004 it is still overall going a big nowhere. That is why you can not find ANY "leading" stock with a gain of over 500% since January 2008 besides EBS. That is normally not normal for the market. But clearly things are changing. The great news is that change is always occurring so eventually you change back. It just takes time, especially after a MAJOR housing bubble burst. Just ask the Japanese how their economy has done from 1990 to now.

I don't have much time tonight but I have to say that I am getting very anxious and salivating for a max green BOP loaded, huge accumulation, nice tight price pattern, and a strong breakout on huge volume to show up so that I can go long something in "bulk" and make a lot of money. I am honestly getting a little sick (but what can you do? NOTHING! Unless you want to lose money) of taking small losses with a litter bigger gains for the past year. I do GREATLY miss the years of 1998, 1999, and 2003 VERY MUCH. I even miss the years of 2004-2007. LOL. I know a new bull market will start again with a new round of leaders however I don't have a ton of confidence we will see it any time soon.

One market that is definitely bullish is a market I have been pushing hard on my Platinum members recently. I have been a Gold fan for a little while now (2-3 months since the move back over the averages) and have noticed Gold Mining stocks setting up in nice patterns with one chart really setting up in a potential "hot, beautiful, and wonderful" price, volume, and BOP pattern. This stock also has some excellent fundamentals. So now a five to seven week base MUST form and then a breakout or bounce off the 50 day moving average with strong volume and max green BOP will be my signal to go strongly long.

I have not gone heavily long a stock since AFSI in 2007 and the biggest position since 2005 has been HRZ in 2006 (20% of my account). This is a function of too many stocks going up due to not enough pullbacks in the market. Had I had less stocks moving higher maybe HRZ would have been 33% to 50%. No matter. The point is if this certain stocks move 5 to 7 weeks and breaks out, with huge volume, and max green BOP, I will finally be able to have a large long. It's been a long time.

Don't worry about the fear monger that say the world is going to end tomorrow. You can be sure we are in the "season" of the final hour but I doubt we are at the "final" hour. So continue to play the trend up and down and make as much money as you can for you future children because God knows our government is about ready to screw them and strip them at the same time. Just take a look at any Dollar chart to debt, borrowing, or printing. This is why Gold, Silver, and Platinum is moving. Would you rather be long a substance that we know can't be found just anywhere or would you rather be long a piece of paper that I can print to my heart's content. Think about for the long-term. It might make the difference between survival or failure.

For now, I will continue my operation in the market until the longs produce those HUGE GAINS like 98,99, and 03 did. I am patient. Are you? I sure hope so. Because even if you aren't, I have saved you a TON OF MONEY in 2008. All of those that listened to me are now thanking me and all I have to say to everyone is THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. I am very thankful for the kind emails, PM's, and kudo's I have received from chat members and others. However, I don't mind you busting my chops if I do something you don't like. Keep me informed. I know I seem "rough around the edges" but I am a very busy person. I still love and care about everyone that entrust me to help them TAKE FULL CONTROL OF THEIR OWN PERSONAL WEALTH. Freedom baby. That is all I ask for...freedom. Freedom of choice. Freedom to be long a bull market. Freedom to be short a bear market. Freedom. It's a beautiful word. Almost as beautiful as those max green BOP, huge accumulation, cup with handle charts with powerful breakouts. ;)

Aloha everyone. Have a great Thursday and I will be back on Friday. Aloha.


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