Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Video Post For 2/11/09 Market

Sorry everyone our high-tech security worked too well last night and registered my IP addresses as spam so I was unable to complete everything in the manner that I like to do it to give you the best analysis and not some fly-off-the-wall emotional report. However, it backfired last night and I (and a couple of people) were red flagged by our ISP and we had to fix this issue. What is funny is that we went almost the entire year in 2008 without a single glitch. 2007 had a few. But we have had two in two weeks. Both problems have been fixed but when dealing with the internet there always seems to be something odd. I didn’t think I would need another backup connection but I am going to get one anyway. That will leave me with 3 ways to connect the net and unless I am blocked by them all I can’t see the problem last night happening again. If you missed the video here it is below. I might not have time to write commentary tonight for the Wedensday session but will have time for another video. So enjoy yesterday’s video if you missed it and I will be back with today’s roundup for Thursday’s market.

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