Monday, February 23, 2009

Ugly Day For The Stock Market Equals A Big Money Making Day For; Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Shorts

Today was sure one ugly day for the market as indexes fell hard across the board. About the only thing positive you can say is that volume was lighter. However, when stocks are falling almost 4% I am not sure volume is that important.

What is important is that the market is proving those that were patient and held shorts while the low volume rally occurred were right. I now have many many many shorts up over 50% in short amounts of time along with new shorts already up 15%+ in many issues. What makes this EVEN BETTER is that gold stocks and the commodities of gold, silver, and platinum are rocking it. Not only that, but the rest is in cash sitting safely ready to pounce on the next round of leaders if and when they setup.

Basically I would have to say that Friday and Monday have been home runs for yours truly and I have almost already returned my total return for last year. This tells me that the market is getting some sense back with it, even if it is not rewarding leading growth-stock investors yet. It is still rewarding those that know how to get long the right leading stocks at the right time. Whoever said you can't time the market must not have EVER learned about CANSLIM.

Speaking of CANSLIM, I feel it is very important to post something I read this morning when I returned from Waikiki, O'ahu:

CAN SLIM® System Is #1 Growth Strategy From 1998 Through 2008. An 11-year, independent study by the American Association of Individual Investors found IBD's CAN SLIM Investment System gained +1,351.3% while the S&P 500 dropped -6.9%.

If some of you have been reading me for years, have seen the returns of my 'past big winners' in my longs section, have seen these returns by IBD over the past 11 years, and see my returns now on my current shorts:

top shorts with TOTAL RETURNS making me money TODAY: MOS 58% GGB 67% SPG 61% CEDC 84% POT 52% CYT 70% MCY 32% APD 48% TITN 57% CASY 29% FSYS 15% IPHS 50% CETV 92% AMX 53% OKE 47% PRGO 28% SDA 80% AAPL 45% RIMM 62% CINF 15% LLL 23% BOH 24% RDK 32% PG 23% CPRT 24% WRB 16% ARB 72% PLCE 30% CEO 32%

..and then let's not forget my Gold ETFs and my gold long in ***. There is another 27% gain in one month, when most are losing money.

If you are not a bigwavetrader yet, I am not sure why. My returns during the past bull market were better than the CANSLIM system which was ranked #1 out of 56 so that would put me #1 out of 57 and my current short returns I am pretty sure are destroying most that I see out there. Usually I am real humble. But after having back to back days with over 5% gains when the market is down 5% the past two sessions on the NYSE, I think I deserve to toot my own horn. If I don't do it, God knows no one else will. How can I be so consistently right yet go no respect by the major media. I guess you have to be a slave to OPM to get those gigs. ;) At least those of you with me know that when the bear ends and the bull begins we will all become very wealthy and will be at the top of the pile when this bear market gets done destroying this economy. Thanks SPENDINGULUS bill!


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