Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Two Very Nice New Longs On Today's Down Day May Hint To An Oversold Bounce; The Trend Is Still Down, Down, Down, Down

Overall it was a negative day, of course, with the markets down around a little over 1%. However, the SP 600 lost almost 2.5% and the IBD 100 full of leading stocks fell 1.4% showing that the leading stocks and small-cap stocks that usually lead new bull markets. So the fact that they weaken worse than the overall market when people are talking about a supposed bottom really leaves me scratching my head.

There is some good news for bulls however in that, for the first time since this downtrend got started, I actually had a significant down day with zero new possible shorts and two new longs. Not only that one long is a CANSLIM quality champ and the other is in the leading mining-gold/silver stocks industry. So these two championship longs showing up in a day where the market loses over 1% is pretty impressive. However, honestly, without a ton of volume in the market, the gains are not "really" that impressive. It is what it is.

If this was a raging bull market like 1995, 1998, 1999, and 2003 that I have witnessed or participated in, I would have no problem jumping up and down saying GET LONG THIS STOCK IN BULK as the odds would be well in our favor. Right now, it should be very obvious to all of those out there, besides the few crazy daytraders that can actually trade this market and make money ON A CONSISTENT BASIS--this one day lucky stuff doesn't cut it with me and I will never take you one day wonders seriously. It is the long term that will ALWAYS count--most investors should be fully in cash or have only small long gold or small short the market positions.

Overall it was a dull day with higher volume and signals a lot of action in the churning arena. A lot of firms are flipping shares around creating what looks like a market but it is obvious from watching one day drops of 21% after a stock takes 6 months to rally 10% is not a market where everyone is at home. Someone has fallen asleep at the wheel and something needs to be done. I like the idea of going back to a pre decimal period, end regulation FD, and stop the program trading. End this and we would see a very efficient market come back. However, my final recommendation would actually HURT ME IN MAKING MONEY WHICH PROVES IT IS THE MARKET I CARE ABOUT AND NOT MY POCKET: the whole process of having no uptick is insanity. There needs to be an uptick rule and the rule should be put back. The market used to have a way of working that seemed honorable. Now it is hard to honor and chart when you know something could come out tomorrow that kills it. It is such a different world out there but even though the world is changing one thing will always remain the same:

CAN SLIM® System Is #1 Growth Strategy From 1998 Through 2008. An 11-year, independent study by the American Association of Individual Investors found IBD's CAN SLIM Investment System gained +1,351.3% while the S&P 500 dropped -6.9%.

Why in the heck is anyone reading this using ANY OTHER type of methodology. Why are you not joining me in MASTERING the GREATEST methodology out there for making money in the stock market YEAR-IN-AND-YEAR-OUT! Not just one lucky fluke trade every three years. A real living. An honest fun living.

Have a great intraday most of you and for my subscribers I will see you all near the last three hours to the closing bell, tomorrow! Great luck out. Let's make more money. I might have lost my total 10% return this year but compared to the SP 600's 21% loss, I guess I can chalk up the first two months to the win column. ALOHA and see you in the chat room!

top longs/(shorts) with TOTAL returns making me money TODAY: ACNI 57% (CPRT 23% CASY 28% POT 49% K 21% SPG 57% MCY 30% AMX 54% BOH 22% CEO 30% TITN 56% CYT 69% LLL 23% AMSG 27% APD 49% ARB 72% PLCE 30% IPHS 49% CETV 92% CEDC 85%)


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